About Us

The 4-Real Deer Signaling Decoy is the brainchild of Steve Orr, an avid hunter and
entrepreneur, who after years of observing deer, decided to devise signaling decoys that would, in his words, “increase your percentages to attract that curious mature Bruiser Buck that hangs out of range.”

At the time of his death in June of 2015, Steve had invented the 4-Real decoy, had built a
prototype and had already gained a number of fans and prospective buyers. Unfortunately,
Steve’s passing stalled the project until now, Fall 2017.

With the assistance of some talented and imaginative individuals, I have been able to
produce the 4-Real in as close to Steve’s design as possible. It has been my pleasure to pick up on Steve’s final project as a living testimonial to his love of hunting and all things outdoors, his creative spirit and his tireless “Can Do” attitude. There are more people than I can name who have helped along the way. Many thanks to all of you.

With love, much inspiration and appreciation,